Our Natural
Tree Slice Tables

Many very large trees have been cut down in the Northeastern U.S. for years to make room for development. These were property line trees 100 to 200 or more years old. Over the years metal objects were laid in the tree crotches. In time these would be engulfed by the trees growth. Thus the sawmills will not cut many of these logs into lumber for fear of ruining their saws. Many ended up being buried. We are dedicated to saving as many of these tree logs as possible. They are cut with large chainsaws into planks  which are carefully dried. Then the natural shape that was created by nature is nurtured into a beautiful table top and is set on trestle legs. 

Most of these special trees are Kings Pine, a furniture-grade hard pine. We also have a limited selection of Cherry and Maple. Our exclusive finish enhances their natural beauty, and hardens the wood for durability. They become awesome family heirlooms. And each table is unique!

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Curing Tree Slices

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